Putting First Things First!

“What does it mean to make our students our #1 Priority?”

● It means to put our young learners at the center of all that we do! We imagine, design, and implement a Student Centered Environment.

● Students are Priority #1 ​in 21st century schools, for each domain of the 3 R’s:

○ Relationships - caring adults knowing their students and families

○ Relevance - curriculum that prepares young people for their futures

○ Rigor - learning at high standards of academic excellence

“And how can Students Priority #1 help our school accomplish this?”





….via two very fundamental learning goals for your faculties:

● Strategies for fully including our Special Needs students:

○ Maximize inclusive classes with individual educational plans

○ Team teach / co-teach for optimal special needs learning

○ Use cooperative learning to bring about inclusive classes

~ we specialize in caring and learning for secondary students who are emotionally and behaviorally challenged ~

● Relevant, student centered project based learning for all students

○ Align learning goals and standards with student interests

○ Teachers are learning leaders, and project facilitators….this is authentic pedagogy

○ Students learn teamwork and leadership: the work is rigorous, and at the same time connected to student aspirations for the future

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Albert Einstein